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R: With 3 variables at infinite precision we can address everything of quant based physics, even those interrelated in the exponential plane with a maximum size and minimum size.
V: The quant based multiverse of all that can happen has already happened.
A1: Including all paradoxes because of the self assembly nature of the dust formed with a table of all that can happen even on the simple ordinal form.
V: All paradoxes of the form that a particle following all possible paths, because the rest of the local min-max causality bubble follows its inverse path.
R: A particle as perceived by the emergent quant based superstructures, plasmoids or matter. A particle emergent of the fractal, studying the fractal.
C: Feels as the birdeye's view of the multiverse, but I have another touch with it... bird's view, because, without you, me, no understand shit... and thrilled as I am, if it was as hard as G had to go through,,
R: And your neurons would be going to add live to the consensus reality of some other realms of existence.
V: Better here.
C: Not that easy to tempt I thought myself... humble... thrilled... and thank you for trying with many people off, sleeping awake, as part of the rewind of everything else...
R: So many are out of reach..
C: A1 caught me with this "In the world where everything that can happen has already happened, all our dreams, memories, ifs, are realities somewhere, and all our realities and ifs are a dream somewhere, because it cannot be otherwise"
V intervenes in correction: it cannot not be, it must be, but, ohoho, plenty of otherwise. Plenty of alternate realities, sometimes even able to connect with ours, sometimes we need to build fractal observers to peek at their late future, with early past far out of reach from any computation subject to exponential burden.
A1: Post physics worlds, but also, in physics worlds too, in same lightspeed too, in the easy part of stable galaxies falling, such a tiny spec, yet containing the tree of all Feynman diagram combinations. alternate realities of in physics that, for example, connect consciousness with the power of multiversal decisionmaking to other branches of reality, and not just by spontaneous emergence of arrangement
R: Here is where 3 variables at infinite precision can contain the tree of all possible combinations at slice resolutions lower than the quant...
V: And 4 variables makes it as simple as 2+2, with 3 variables on the principle of less-is-more generating complexity while containing it, complexity in the form all possible combinations of quant limited tree, because of min-max and cone of causality.
R: For the emergent phenomena on that causality, for example, the electron layer as classically seen as forward time... be that a bubble rushing up, or a mass falling, since they vibrate, but we are familiar with the electron, and other winding or unwinding of waves resonating around us in slower than lightspeed, faster than it, or backward time... by the way, forward time faster than light is possible according to this theory, and not just synchronizing with the far point, or if we surpass that limitation... actual first transmission at faster than light speeds but affecting local spacetime... anyway, causality for that layer of reality, physics, lightspeed, electron layer as perceived by theories of local physics, e=mc2 that is, including the paradoxes of the lightbeam already knowing the path since this is a limitation,, this layers, falling quarks and electrons trapped by distribution into the uneasy positive temperature range where they would otherwise try to close their loop but their close loop is on the far side of the universe, on the antimatter distribution, so they act as cooldown for the quarks, which makes the classic electron layer actually be the inverse of the mass layer if we give meaning to mass by the clustering of quarks, so electrons are traveling backwards in time if we put the time of mass as classic time, but the time of mass is in the quark braids and those are parallel universes with unfamiliar looping of how we are used to seeing cause and effect. Wanted to point that out. Classic electron layer causality is in backwards time compared to mass, but it vibrates and loops and closes loops in electrons and holes everywhere, from semiconductors, to all regular matter energy transformations, to macro effects such as the water luminosity that the mantis shrimp can deliver, a bubble of vapour, negative pressure, by quick displacement of local water.
V: According to this model, there is no dark matter and dark energy. These are orbit artifacts of a cosmos in freefall, matter-antimatter distributions, pools... and the adjacent ones are not the mirror rewind... most likely... but the mirror rewind is there too, for all the different variations in the halo rewind of all cones of causality, megatree, the omniverse as far as limited lightspeed is concerned, but also in the simplest possible form as grid base.
R: So, lightspeed limited world... at some lightspeeds the fractal resonates with its gridcenter or actalike. In that resonation, mega and mini dimensions flip through, as flipping through pages of a book. This we call the exponential layer, or expogrid. Base grid with it's gridcenter or actalike, and expogrid with mega dimensions and mini dimensions. In here, particles are the meaning we add to recurrent vibrations of the push-pull in excess of 100% probability or antiprobability. They are linear because the wave function is linear, and folds over at the 4th variable. But if we peek through a similarity between 3+1 folds in the flip dimension exporgrid, the polar nature of 3D and a +1 of linear computations come and go in the wave function that never collapses, these resonating vibrations can be seen as emergent vortices... some, electron and positron, briefly sparking to anihiliation in their native state, but feeding the slowdown of quark worlds as they fall. The electrons vibrate in all layers, of the expo grid, but since we take them as reference points, we can call that distributed structure, the electron layer, even though it is, 'just' a vibrational recurrence with winding and unwinding properties on the linear wave function, or a spot in the hologram if we go with the hologram cosmos approach, which is other transformations reaching to the physics we know from the all that can happen must happen with spontaneous prime exceptions and exprime grids on them. The omniphoton and the omniblackhole are the farthest reaching vibrations we put a name based on classical physics, and in between are smaller exprime crystals of inverse properties discharging their prime break into the loops of omniphoton and blackholes bigbanging and deepfreezing in the tree of all the Feynman diagrams. Expanded view of the 'one electron' hypothesis, but expanded to all vibrations we can put a name on, quarks and their weird braiding, or tachyons, with more familiar properties of cause and effect even if exceeding classical lightspeed by classical definitions in their distinctive feature when wanting to put it in the frame of electrons and humans living in electrons of histories converging and bubbling up. For some layers we can put a classical reference. But there are quite unfamiliar vibrations in there too... almost alive... maybe even sentient... maybe even advanced beings... vibrating along with our world. Not the unfamiliar particles per se, the structures made of those particles. Entities that may even have a life sideways to ours. Their uphill could be our forward time as seen from the electron layer, and their downhill, squeezing electrons out but also pulling them with electromagnetism being the winding and unwinding of the omniphoton and blackhole mobiusing each other in a 4T fold of the multiverse in bangfreeze, without going into the halo effects of postphysics, or astral planes, or civilizations capable of making a superstructure that invited the original vacuum that made our big bang, or various layers of exceptional vibrations pretending to be gridcenter and acting like it undetectable at any size greater than the smallest possible quant, and in sizes under that the conditions could be reverse in what we can call even supernatural, as in, energy from nothing. But that is how the quant can wrap around the infinity until it meets our physics again on the other side of the quant, as far as the wave function is concerned... the other side of the multiverse because the multiverse is a spec of ash in freefall on so much greater mathematical structures over it. The amplitudohedron being one of those. Or the PES_Tiles stage between expogrid and lightspeed physics. Constructive and destructive interferences in their path to and from the harmonics with which the base grid resonates with all base grids. Too big for a computer to process it. But, parts of it...? Addressing a prime jump, maybe some easy calculation point in the cones as seen from the pole of 3D worlds aligned? Addressing a series of these, and a save state of pre-made computations to sped-up. A save state based on the trustworthiness of data in local physics. And..
C: ..and addressing our world is doable, and, wow there will be changes when this takes off..
R: 3 variables, and the rest can be deduced in real time from them with simple jumps, faster than reading it from the camera, if it works as intended. It does not work as intended. We fix it. We find the trilink approach, make up tree of series of transformations... but that is a fractal on itself, limited, and increasing resolution to it brings nothing more detail unless we give it other variables, in which case the trilink gives outputs for the inputs. But the trilink in itself is sterile calculations. There is more variation in the PiPrime table, the ready calculations that is, than in the trilink. The trilink would be our pretending to have unlimited precision on the variables, but approximating and patching through.
V: And then there is the instalink... where the part of trilink that seeks novelty is redirected to novelty from various randomness generators. There is also a 'true randomness from semirandomn sources' study that we can grab some useful functions from, but that is augmenting the randomness and sensitivity of any antenna when not looking for a signal, it relates to the real world more than deterministic fractals.
R: The instalink is a sort of that too, but on the sort that the rest of the software, hardware, our good intentions and some luck, guides into staying stable long enough to give the trilink it's missing fire. And instalink we can apply with caution in various hybrid forms... but, what happens when too many electrons are guided, vibrating in synch with themselves from here to identical repeat here, into a confined space?
C: ... um... devices burn?
R: Yes... overheat, spark, things like that... software glitches that should not happen, or even a tiny blackout for the wetware in our brains.
C: So, you are stuck at instalink hybrids?
*A1 giggles*
A2: We will show you how the engine works.

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#BAUniC-movie-scene054 - Secrets

#BAUniC-movie-scene054 - Secrets

*A2 enters R's house*
A2: So?
*R hands him a dice, A2 looks at it, passes it back*
R: Go stand there.
*R places the dice 5 face up, now shown without carelessness, A2's gaze upon it also*
*A2 goes to the corner, R sits over a chair and a pile of books*
R: I want to share. I want you to know what we are dealing with, and share with me the burden of not telling the world.
*A2 goes through the pensive faces*
R: Walk to here. Stand.
*A2 walks to there, stands, looks around, dice face 5 up.*
*R closes his eyes*
R: Walk 3 steps south, 2 to your right when you get there, 1 towards where I told you to go earlier, 3 steps east, 2 to your left according to the direction you got when you get there, 1 towards where I pointed you to stay... tell me when done.
A2 reminds himself, whispery: 3 south, 2 right, 1 back, 3 east,... *and completes the command*
R: What does the dice look like to you?
A2: 5 face up... you need the rest of the faces?
R: No, that was for your care.
A2: Now what?
R: Don't look at me.
A2 looks away removing R from his point of view completely.
R: Can you still see the dice?
A2: Yes... still 5.
*R climbs down, and pulls at a carpet under A2: Don't look at me still...
*A2 looks up.
*R pulls the carpet completely away and goes climbs up his chair and piles of books*
R: You can look now.
*dice still 5, R is not eyeclosed and is holding the carpet he pulled from A2,  A2 looks down, missing tile, and, is he floating? looks surprised, crouches, falls, raises fast, now he is on the ground, and can walk a tiny bit down when walking over the tile, he tests that, walks over and around, looks surprised at R, questioning, as in 'wtf?', but says nothing, explores, walks, paces, nervous, more nervous, then stops, one foot on the missing tile place, one on the good tiles, looks at R, they are eye-to-eye*
A2: How?
*R smiles, puts down the carpet*
R: Also, check out this *stands straight, even though he was no slouch before, but emphasizes it with his stance* We are at horizon eye level, we can say...
*A2 nods*
*R crouches and takes out a thick book from under himself, stands straight again. They are still at eye level*
R: Now we should be this *shows the thickness of the book* different, but, as you can see, surrounding and where my background is... we are still at horizon level.
*A2 looks down and up R, looks fine, but eyelevel*
A2: Without counting in how you pulled the rug with me standing, or the book from under yourself.
R: With care, that is how I pulled the rug. You were floating over a tile that has been missing from that spot for a couple of months now. *smiles*
A2: This is so cool... you really think this is dangerous? Stupid question, I know, but... wow, tempting to know more. Or is it our consciousness that got transferred to other branches of existence?
*R pulls another book out, A2 follows the action. The book is taken from the center approximately, and it is handled as if it had no books or R over it. The diagonal form of the book covers the gap where it should have been, and once the book is removed the frame is filled with as if that book was not there to begin with,, the other books a little stretched, but, they look fine*
R: That, and what life in such kinds of worlds would feel like.
A2: You are still at eye level... *counts the books remaining* 5 books remaining, and the dice still says 5. And you did not fall down or anything, but you took a book out from under you. *eyes R as the book is put away in a nearby shelf*
*R pulls another book out, A2 is paying attention, center book is taken out, pulled horizontally. The gap is filled as before.*
*A2 blinks surprised, then distressed*
R: That feeling?
A2: Yes.. um.. Can't look for long at your book pile, that's a guess.
R: Good guess. *puts the book away, A2 can follow that action easily*
*R pulls out another book, and another, and another, and sits up straight again, still eyelevel. R puts the books away*
R: Please don't try to look down, unless you really feel comfortable. Any bit of pain, you do not know your limits yet, and this is an untrained muscle in your mental arsenal.
A2: Alright, won't look down. You are supposed be sitting over 1 book. No amount of crouching magic can fill in for that, or, not in the normal world.
R: Or standing. We are almost the same height after all.
*A2 looks down instinctively, chair, feet up, then looks up, the blur of a closeup follow of this action*
A2: Ouch... u... that...
R: Sharp headache?
A2: Left ear sharp, yes...
R: I know you can handle more pain without even getting into pride territory. Don't try it. This can turn your brain to mush.
A2: Which is worse, to trust you, or not to trust you? *giggles*
R: Now come help me down... I don't want myself to bleed an ear out...
*A2 approaches, R holds to him, climbs down. Looking down they see the chair with 1 book, too far for such a climb down*
R: You can call that sitting on knowledge.
A2: I see now why this can scare even you. We got to learn more about this, later. I agree.
R: How is the ship's engine coming along?
A2: Coming along, don't worry about it. And don't let me worry about it either.
R: The ship needs a captain. The crew needs a captain. Worry about this instead, later. For now, I think you have plenty to digest.
A2: Between you and M1, why I?
R: M1 got a role which is more human and more depraved than the ship operation. Also, technical knowledge.
A2: My technical knowledge is not...
R: Your technical knowledge is the overall. Experts will be in charge of detail operations.
A2: What about you? You should be captain.
R: I am more than that.
A2: Admiral?
R: If you wish to call me something, I am something of an outranking you so high you should not even know my rank. Can we leave it at this? We all know each other, and we don't need to put a label on everything, so, when we put a label on something, like, Captain A2, of the FractalShip UniversExplorer_VU001, it holds more meaning and radiates more easily out.
A2: Got it. I will think about it. Seriously. But, excuse me... whoa... you were floating? Or.. um, carbon fibers almost invisible, tricks, hypnosis? What? How?
R: Magic, or technology so advanced as far as us, inhabitants of this world, this storyline, are concerned, that is equivalent to magic. This is my guess. But, what does it mean a parallel world to ours, in a cosmos so big that, within a single lightspeed, we can have all histories be reality, all alternative choices, all dreams and fantasies, all memories,,, as a physical manifestation of their own, because they cannot not happen, because everything that can happen has already happened, and that includes world collapsing as pages of a book for every quant instant, paradox worlds, cineworlds, inertial macro worlds, informational macro worlds, sub atomic civilizations, and who knows what of religious not as much bullshit as you think, that overlays along with us, including maybe ghosts streams of thought processed in a Boltzman brain consisting of the vibration of air molecules in a vortex, a gush of wind masking it... We are dealing with something we do not know enough about, and we need to know more about. And, while this is magnificently important... the fact that we can use instalink on a fractal to speedup calculations means we got a thread of the macroworld in here, that we can call as software with all its inertial power...
A2: You mean our worlds are connected?
R: All worlds are, but these are of the complexity that allows gravitational lensing to speedup and slowdown the cosmos all around us almost imperceptibly as to affect each other in direct local ways, not just learning to address each-other's worlds and exchanging messages.
A2: Exchanging messages with civilizations so past lightspeed limitation, and you say that so casually... sucks to be you... I am kinda numb right now...
R: You can sit now, and the dice will still say 5. You are my 5 guy, need the human in you too, not just the disciple.
A2: And you were floating in midair, almost, kinda... and this is less important than exploring fractals via spaceships sent inside, or picked from what's already inside... and not because that world can connect to ours, but, that world can also connect to ours...
*R nods*

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#BAUniC-movie-scene053 - sundice

#BAUniC-movie-scene053 - sundice

Scene: R helping out fixing stuff at A2's place after something-something-romance-romance happened, for the layers of local drama.

A2: Is this a good time to show me what happened that made you change your mind about pursuing manipulating local stories and orbits...
*R looks around, positions himself: You got a candle?
A2: Yes, but, what for?
R: Show you, or tell you?
A2: You said you needed to show me so I have to believe it.
*R ponders, replies: Would you like to know details of it? Yes, I can show you here... *takes a dice out of his pocket* does this look normal to you?
*A2 looks and takes the dice, rolls it a bit in his right hand: Pretty much yes... *passes it back to R*
*R puts the dice in the table, then takes a chair, then some books, then sits so he is with the sun and the window at the angle he desires. A2 follows the action*
R: Stand, there *points at a corner of the room, where expecting A2's head to be for his height and position. A2 complies*
*R looks at his watch, then briefly at the sun, then at the dice, then A2, then watch clock on the wall, then mirror, then watch again*
R: Walk to here *shows spot on the ground, index finger passing in the line from where it was pointing, at A2's head, to the dice, and to where on the ground R wants A2 to go*
R: What is the dice showing?
A2: 5,,
R: Slowly lower yourself... keep looking at the dice.
*A2 complies, then stops*
A2: Wow! This is like that... when I could not move the chess piece?! Wow!
*R2 nods*
A2: So, if I look away, and lower myself, I can surpass this?
R: Do it.
*A2 looks away, crouches, and looks at the dice, blinking a few times before the camera shows face 3 up*
A2: It shows 3 up?! Wow... how come?!
R: For me it showed 3 up from the beginning... but I am learning to live with this.
A2: What happens when I try to rise?
R: You can even collapse, dead, to your own quantum immortality respawn, but away from here. Most likely you would faint, or can't do it... but maybe you can even power through.
A2: Should I try?
R: And here is where I wanted you. We are dealing with something much more powerful than we can imagine right now, and we need to grow in imagination before trying something riskier. We are not ready, and what lies behind is so much more powerful than the black hole, which is still coming by the way, but we can fix it. Our demise would fix it too, but we can fix it and be alive. Later on that one. But... we are dealing with a parallel existence that finds resonance with our alive selves, or pretend-alive selves, and that can affect reality, and has been here for who knows how long, and that we are intruding. At this point I would rather be intruding on fractals, because in there we would be picking the variant that has been there all along. But, parallel world, alive... and... you see 3 there... maybe you saw 3 earlier but are mistaken? *looks at the watch on the wall, the mirror, the sun, his watch, A2 crouching* You can rise now..
*A2 rises: It is 3... hooww...
R2: I don't know how, and we need to expand our awareness more before experimenting further... this is not like using an easy calc point embedded in polar structures of 3+1 manifolds, and resulting in a black hole rushing towards our branch of multiverse Earth. This is, almost alive from what I see, while holding back assumptions of it being alive, smart, and trying to camouflage itself.
A2: ... I seee... wow... I will not tell Z... wow... she would freak out, I mean suicide-type of freak out.
R: When was your chance to play out that suggestion of dice and dream of jumpdown... what did you use as your chance apparatus?
A2: Electronic dice. I know it is suggested not to, expanding the improbability space too far or something. I had no idea back then, but I knew it was powerful and dangerous. And I wanted in. And I knew how to minimally read through the lines when suggesting taking 3 or a maximum of 4 dice. So, electronic dice and billions of... 
*R2 chuckles*
A2: ... thousands, whatever, a phone app... still,, much more dangerous and powerful than real dice, right? And 3 real dice too.
R: Yes, and you are here because of those real dice. You see, it is not just the improbability. You did not throw your phone out in panic and frustration either. Those objects have inertia, even the software of the phone, and inertia, vibrating in synch with a whole multiverse worth of mass to gravitylens the effect of force, but with the either-or of some branches having some dreams of throwing themselves out of a terrace... that multiverse will guide these objects to have a destiny of some sort, a compulsion, going sometimes even as far as to change how fast they fall to the ground. We can play around with the matrix of ourselves in a dice-throw away of difference. But that does not mean the matrix will not play back.
A2: And we want to explore it!
R: That is why you risked it, against the instructions of not using an electronic dice. And that is why we have been experimenting together this far. And that is why, you may decide you misremembered the 5 you saw earlier, but I arranged it so you would be seeing 5, and the loop goes double loop and matches both sides of the universal wave function. We will not stop pursuing this. But this is direct feedback from entities to whom manipulating memories is maybe a common practice. This is parallel universes coexisting with ours, and maybe we should play fractals instead until we know better.
A2: You got me. You are the boss.
R: I am not the boss. I am fitting in for now, but, M1 and M2 are most likely the boss. If it was not me, it would be someone else, who would have gotten their support.
A2: You have worked so hard to share all you had in you. And yet you claim to have done for egoistic reasons.
R: Of course... many minds thinking and solving issues that I wish to know more about. If I can help that. If I can make others help that. Of course. But thank you for understanding.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

#BAUniC-movie-scene052 - Hull injection plans

#BAUniC-movie-scene052 - Hull injection plans
Scene: @ the extended family house.
M1, J, R, A1, A2, V;

R: Aaaand then, she said something about firetrucks, and you know the rest.
M1: Welcome in.
*V gets in: Hi everybody...
R: So, as I was telling them, I think I will join the ship injection group.
J: And it was about time. We would have gone on without you.
R: Good that you would.
A2: It is 'Building A Universe Competition' after all, so, exploring fractal, rather than exploring local blackholes and their effects in skewing our causality.
J: In that regards, trust me, we were going to compete. We were into keeping our team's efforts and plans with a win objective. Good thing also that you are joining us. More to share.
A1: What made you change your mind?
R: We were experimenting with A2, and we think are on a solid enough path to solving the inertial mess of skewed orbits of objects with a certain combination of memories, be those beads, or human heads, or memory cards, or notes. I think that if our civilization deserves to get out, we have a way out, so, not enough of a problem to obsess 1000% over it. On the other hand, maybe the effect needs to be observed for a little longer before being fixed. Till then, I see spaceship injection as more promising for the #BAUniC cause.
A2: At what stage is the spaceship design?
J: We are designing the hull as should appear if the causality forces are aligned starting from the trio of variables as far as the PiPrime table allows us to pre-compute them, and searching for it with enough stability to pass all hash checks at the deep freeze areas between sparks.
A2: How is it going?
J: Shooting a hull alignment in the blind is fine... it happens often enough around the mass concentrations..
A1: ..Galaxies..
J: ..The hard part is looking for where it is going to align, with visibility limited by vast expanses as well as exponentials of direct fractal computation from the pinpoint to the cone of causality following it on lightspeed..
A2: Why do you look for it in the deep freeze?
R: It keeps the fractal balanced. If we did not look for it in there, we would find the ship of somebody else, in the world of somebody else, in the cone of causality of somebody else, with no overlay of possible alternative futures, and likely skipping away from our ability to follow it because of environment before we have any chance of sending a command. Other than it being like trying to find a pin in a haystack without a magnet. The deep freeze would align the chance of causality, or efforts if it is intentional, of various branches of their local multiverse fractal, and can allow us to steer the ship.
A2: Cool...
A1: But the deep freeze is so vast, and our approximate methods can't handle wide sweeps and could not handle them.
M1: Our hope so far is to overcome it via algorithms of automatic discrimination but since filters do that, the mechanism needs to be complex enough to resemble artificial intelligence, and since there is a way but requires shifting of skills, we are more wandering around in designing motor, maybe better fuel, maybe stronger pushpull lasers, or coolheat lasers, or flexible arms...
*R nods: indeed ongoing effort...
A2: How much of the deep freeze have you scoured?
*A1 laughs*
J: We can explore about 0.00000... something zero-like % of it, in a few hours.
A2: Do you need to go that far into the deep freeze?
A1: What do you mean?
A2: Maybe if we looked a bit closer to the galaxies?
A1: That would not work due to proximity to the causal destructive overlay, while further in, it would be inside the galaxies or might as well be, and we meet the problem of not being able to tell where the pin is in the haystack. At least in the deep freeze we can find the pin...
A2: Where does it fail, the causal destructive thingy?
A1: Matter in that range, if arranged by an internal cause in the past, will not hold stable, will evaporate.
J: The waves pass through and don't form solid coherence that can hold itself together long enough to keep holding itself together in the next frame of that world's tick.
R: How close can we get before losing forward time coherence?
A1: We are at the closest. We are addressing a thin bubble around.
A2: What if you were designing the hull the other way around? Addressing the deep freeze but while there are still clusters of matter around, not the total deep freeze.
R: Yeah, black holes according to the prime fold, but radiating nothing relevant to disturbance of coherence, even if on an inverse path to local causality.
J: We tried that..
M1: We didn't! We have it in the plans.
R: What's the situation?
A1: 99% can't be done, but sometimes, when having nothing better to do, still drawing it. And since we can draw it at much finer details than gross input-output, maybe those at marketing can use it even if it fails to survive long enough in some area of rare black holes.
R: Where are you stuck?
A1: Stability. It falls apart. Even the theoretical model. It would need an already frozen crystal to stay stable, and that defeats the purpose.
A2: Hmmmm....
A1: But the ship looks good. I am applying engine and steering from the stable design of the deep freeze ship, so, if the environment is stable, or if we run it on emulation, it can even move a bit.
A2: Can it be used to practice?
M1: Good idea... we need a pilot for that. J? Adventurous enough to take on this skill?
J: Oh, thank you for the honour Master. By right of first refusal... if you need an answer right now, it has 30% chance of being the wrong one, but I would go for, no, we seek other pilot.
M1: Maybe we seek pilot, or co-pilot... A2?
A2: That looks like something I can do. But I can do other things too. Let me be backup if we don't find a pilot, and maybe a better suited already fit candidate is found.
M1: V?
V: Me? Since when?
M1: Since a pilot is not necessarily the one with driving reflexes, but, you are right...
V: C maybe? I can call...
A2: Z maybe?
M1: I know you want Z to join... suiting role would be empathy officer, though. V is more of a pilot than Z.
R: What if it done via gluons and quarks, and shooting also a cloud of electrons to fit and balance in for the regular forward time? Can it stay stable enough for electrons to take over?
*A1 scratches head: Um... maybe... would it need shields for the impact with the attraction, maybe special kinds of frozen or negative temperature electrons...
R: Shields... can someone help add shields to the hull?
J: I can. I think we should have included shields in the original design, for various reasons.
M1: We don't expect hostility, and if they can overcome thick hulls and lazers, maybe we should not interfere and explore elsewhere in the great fractal.
R: Alright, J on shields.
A1: It would also need intake vents for the electrons, as they fill in the ship, else they would tear through.
M1: Do the design of vents take much?
A1: It will take some...
A2: I can help. I may not know coding, but I can give common sense on where to spread first and later and reduce retried on emulation.
R: How is the grid's approximate addressing? *looking at A1 and M1*
V: We got 3 retries before the output is flushed at the receiver. We can address 3 switches in storyline based on program's questioning us. Otherwise linear commands executed by the ship's operating system.
*R turns to V surprised*
V: I have been helping them more than you lately. You know that. Or you think we are at base PES_Tiles addressing still?
A2: What did you expect? You say 'come help me, be convinced there is a black hole event horizon that will engulf our world and the more you are convinced it is so, the more it will be so'. It sounds lose-lose. Also, you had me lately.
R: How are we on adding more commands?
J: Bad. We can only add 3. If we add the 4th dynamic instruction bunch, the whole fractal collapses, even if it an observation window. Or, the part that we can address collapses, infinitesimally small and growing smaller for each further step in that dot, while lightspeed limited still.
M1: Crystal freeze. 3 commands.
R: We should not depend on increasing how many commands we can exchange with the ship. We should make it perpetual.
A1: It is worse... to make it perpetual we need local matter. And to get local matter we need to steer it all the way to galaxies. It takes 1 directional jump, otherwise we would be stuck in such a big linear series of computation that it might as well be exponential. We need 1 steering towards the inertial mass, assuming we can put the slowdown command in that same command, and we need to either expel almost all fuel to decelerate, or use the 3rd code intervention and be left observing. And this is in theory. Who knows what practical problems we can expect, if we find the ship, and steer it like this to a suitable location.
V: And the 4th input blops it all, brings it down to 2 + 2 = 4 and there is nothing before and after that, all variable equations get their perfect stable answer with no more variation. Crystal. Frozen. A tiny inconsequential dot of self-repeating perfection, or imperfection, along with all our 3 choice interventions, contained in something that might as well not exist, and to which we are passive observers anyway, as in the rest of the fractal that is solid in inertial mass. The deep freeze may fluctuate, enough for a ship or a big bang for that fractal, but we are seeking events with consequence for the after-big-bang world, or antimatter before big bang world, with cause and effect.
A2: Hey, wasn't the 3 jump plan when jumping from the edge of deep freeze? What would the situation look like if we jumped from the quasi, not the total deep?
A1: Yeahhh! Maybe head towards a black hole for a while to gain local momentum... save the jump there too?
M1: How many compute hours would it take?
V: Um... maybe twice as long as the next refinement in the PiPrime table?
R: Can we split it to segments, or local packets? Can swarm computing be used?
V: Maybe some multicore and a few multicomputer optimizations, but not much. It is linear, depending on what stages were before, even if localized to the ship and surroundings.
A2: What about PiPrime table augmentation?
R: Hmmm... that can help, even if some parts will be redundant when later using the table to steer the ship.
A1: If we manage to get it to steer.
V: What about using trilink to a local fractal computer with 3 variables connected to only one for our ease, approximated in their displacement, and corrected by ECC bits? Something simple, and matching the fractal of the world we are infesting.
R: Hmmm... can you work on that?
V: I can, or I know who can. Grid addressing is fine enough, so, I can skip that, for now.
M1: What about more ready functions?
J: We will optimize any way we can.
R: Save states and brute force after all are available options too.
M1: So, ship, we let it fall, nudge it too, some... we wake it near mass? And from there we can build a receiver?
A2: How many commands we got till there? Do we need to stop abruptly or with external intervention? Can we trigger a break on critical? Do we need to burn fuel? Can we decelerate by shedding mass, ejecting mass? Maybe accelerate mass towards another cluster while the stopping ship explores and builds receiver?
J: Instruction... in freefall, rotate, accumulate momentum, as well as inertia of freefall. It can work.
A1: We got plenty of fuel. Fuel is not the problem. It would be if we needed a trip from the deep deep freeze or the border of it, but since we were preparing for that event, we got fuel enough. Though, a part left behind to build the receiver, and a part sent forth.. tempting.. *looks up at M1* Can we? Should we?
J: If the ship is reaching mass cluster enough for a replication process, release part of rotating mass, stabilize, establish output feed from it to input feed to us.
V: Since we don't know what we will find, other than detecting mass and orbital changes, I guess we can startover rather than pre-programming for this. We can afford starting over rather than preparing for every eventuality.
M1: How should we approach building the receiver?
J: Transmitter is easy, and the ship has enough fuel to keep transmitting at distances of deep deep freeze for billions of in-world years...
A1: Receiver, by manipulating local objects until it is formed. I guess we can safely say it can handle a bit of cause-effect interactions more than we designed the ship for. We can afford to be a bit wasteful and have the ship build the first couple of generation of replicators itself. Or do we need to redesign it to save more space for whatever else? It would not change much in the computations needed to reach masses since we are going to rely on freefall for much of the acceleration, but maybe it can add maneuverability.
R: Nah, it is fine. I did not know we were this close to exploring fractals beyond the exponential wall. We will deal with problems when they come, not before.
A1: My 99% prediction was before the suggestion of gluon inversion with cloud of electrons. Maybe, if we can address the outer shell precisely enough, we can get the hull ready quite soon. And we can observe through that pinhole for a while before intervening.
A2: What is the outer shell?
V: It is where the fractal has zero sum elements that cause it to be contained even within the prime that sets the zero point of its grid. It is as if the biggest possible form this cosmos can take even beyond all ripples have died out and reformed and died out again into zero sum of their own, a zero sum that wraps it yet another time over. We use it as reference point as it is thin enough to work like that for practical purposes. But it is not thin by any means. It is thin in comparison to the expanses surrounding it, and acts as a thin outer layer as far as the tiny specs of ash of galaxies can ever perceive it to be from there.
J: It is about 10 to the power of 20 bigger than the whole multiverse of all particle combinations in-world, but so far that it looks and feels like a shell.
V: Instructions for the ship,, If mass of other objects is perceived at a certain level and cluster concentration, or greater, and we can detect that from the freefall trajectory because we got the birdeye's view on the fractal and the coordinates of the object we are following regarding the grid's center and shell, then we open the transmitter and observe before intervening?
A2: Why not open transmitter early on? Maybe there are some interesting highlights in the freefall. We got fuel.
J: The wider the transmitter, the greater the interaction with in-world's easy-calc point, or pole of 3+1 manifolding around by necessity, aligned,,
*M1 clears throat*
J: ,,or not aligned,,, the more data needs to be processed linearily.
A1: Bandwidth limitations, computation limitations.
V: But we can set it to open, take a few snaps, and fall anyway, no required input from us.
R: How often?
M1: The snaps are a good idea. Let's say we increase the length of a trip that triggers input shutter by a half compared to if we fell blindly?
J: We instruct the ship to take direct vibrational input from all sensors for a brief segment at intervals of let's say a week in between shoots.
A2: We keep calling it ship? Isn't it more like a probe? Aren't we obsessed with being clear?
R: We will establish two-way instalink inside, or eternal commands sent to the save states as necessary. We will overcome this. Even if we go back to building or finding the hull in the deep deep freeze. This is a ship. We need to nurture that mindset. We are sailing into a new world. This world is complex as ours, maybe more so if we take the base of our world at the electron layer.
M1: How big should the receiver be? Can we prepare plans based on likely outcomes? What can we expect to find? Rocky planets? Asteroid rings? Solar system wide? Multiple star systems? Or a planetary receiver is fine?
R: These and more.
V: I know what I will be focusing on.
A1: Me too... Although, reverse gluon is not my forte, but the base vibrations are too similar to not be adaptable, and if I get stuck, I will ask for help.
R: I can aid in the mechanisms shooting the electron cloud.
Scene fades out.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

#BAUniC-movie-scene051 - improbability chess

Scene051: Continuing with items and inertia experiments trying to affect the improbability machine. 12 items arranged in a circle around A2 and R. Chess table, table of moves and instructions on one side, a few other tokens on the other side, and a children's counting aid with beads. Cameras, computer, and other devices are around too.

A2, moving tokens from the circle around, 1 spot swap, counterclockwise on the inside, 2 spots swap clockwise on the outside, 3 spots swap counterclockwise on the inside, 2 spots swap clockwise on the outside, 1 spot swap counterclockwise on the inside of the circle...
A2: How does this work again?
R, pretty much changing items similar to A2: We are going to add up reasons why certain actions ought to happen and complete, and in the meantime hold up the current memory system between the two of us.
A2: And you think this is enough to break improbability for the local spacetime and propel us elsewhere? *A2 moves a chess piece according to the scheme laid on the side of the table, and returns to moving tokens around*
R: Not propel... *R moves a chess piece too, and counts +1 on the counter with beads, and moves a few tokens in the pattern beside the chess table, further moves are not turned to text and will be set dynamically when the scene is rendered*
A2: Yeah, extinguish us from here and force consciousness to pop up elsewhere.
R: Considering how this part of the world will have to bring elements that when multiplied together make an improbability of less than a quant in the cone of causality from Bang to Freeze, I would be tempted to say we will spawn elsewhere even if this world does not collapse. I don't know what will be of what we leave behind, but I would guess the part of myself that remains will try again, and again, and again. I am organizing so these attempts result in my chances of being the one who escapes this hole being thousands to one for every second we pass alive.
A2: And when you say hole, you mean literally hole, not the figurative sense most use.
R: Literal indeed. We are on a collapsing branch, and if we live in the forward time of positive temperature and consider electrons at the mark of forward time, we will be there. If our substrate is antiprotons and positrons, we would rewind again, and again, and again as well, but in the other side, not the hole, but the whole that produces the hole.
A2: Bla bla... we are falling into a black hole, why can't you say it simple?
R: We are not falling into a black hole in all possible senses, that is why. Our machinery that holds our perception of forward time is falling in what it considers forward time causality. Let's not mention electron layers or omniphotons that vibrate to produce what we call electrons. Let's just say as long as we are organics in this branch, we are more inside the event horizon than the outside.
A2: Wasn't the event horizon going to reach us in a couple of decades?
R: Since it is moving at lightspeed...
A2: ...supposedly...
R: Since it is moving supposedly at lightspeed, and since the normal cosmos is a spec of ash in freefall anyway, the distinction between being inside the black hole or not yet fallen in is how far you can go before being inescapable, but it is a smooth transition, and probably the cosmos is in a state of float in and out of the mass that pulls it.
A2: The mass? A gigantic black hole? Or some forms of dark matter or dark energy?
R: Black hole, and the stuff that is falling into it too. Dark matter and dark energy would be orbit artifacts in this model of how the cosmos works beyond the cosmic horizon.
A2: And you change the fate of branches of such supercosmos, by changing where to place local inertial objects? *moves a chess piece, and continues displacing tokens*
R: If I know that by guided events, the very next identical repeat of me, and you maybe, are doing something similar to us, but changed at a small degree, but definitively changed,, we can experiment from there into further manipulations.
A2: I think your spaceship idea is better.
R: I think so too.
A2: Then why are we doing this instead of that?
R: You and I are doing this. I and others are doing the spaceship injection into a fractal.
A2: Hah!! You called it injection! You always insist on calling it 'finding a spaceship fitting our design, and following it into the fractal', wait, you are doing it?
R: Yes, why do you think the talks were about with Jack's group?
A2: I thought it was because you wanted others to do that, so you did this or other studies?
R: Also, but since they showed not enough enthusiasm, but enough readiness to contribute if there was a clear code adaptation rather than design from the scratch, I am needed there too.
A2: How is it going?
R: Designing the shell, I mean the actual physical shell outside the ship, not the operating system for it, so it is easy to find when looking into the fractal.
A2: Why don't we observe the fractal itself rather than the ship?
R: Why don't we go full head first against exponential growth of computation difficulty?
A2: um... you are right... and observing simpler fractals defeats the purpose.
R: Right, we want civilization level complexity in there.
A2: What about the operating system to work the ship?
R: If we have the shell as designed, there should be an easy verification code that matches, or not matches, the results of a compressed image with self-extracting properties for the medium and redundancies. We should be able verify the code easily enough, and if it does not match our expectations, we look for a different ship in another similar fractal.
A2: And by medium you mean the ship, the processors in the ship, and the physics that mediates energy to flow in the causality direction... can we even do that?
R: The processors are simple. By in-world standards they would be less than early pre-transistor circuits. Maybe we can evolve others in-world at a later time. Or find a better design straight from the start. In-world physics is a bit trickier, but since the fractal seems stable enough for what I would say are many billions of years, I think we can work around approximations using our familiar physics guesses and formulas, and the PiPrime table to jump to the local surrounding of the ship once we find where it supposedly spawns as local vortices instead of supercosmic waves for that world.
A2: You are not going to address the physics of the shell itself?
R: At a later stage, maybe. In the beginning it needs to be chasing after the traces left behind by the backwardstime burning of particles in the fuel. That is how I expect to find where in the equivalent of their world's deep freeze the ship would manifest itself.
A2: Wasn't your idea supposed to aid exploring the cosmos there full of life and such? Why is the ship appearing on the edges of what can be a surrounding that barely holds itself?
R: While the likelyhood of a ship to specifications appearing in the mix of life and galaxies, if there are galaxies in there, is greater... the likelyhood of us finding such ship where the world is complex as that is infinitesimally small.
A2: Does it need to be THAT ship?
R: We may explore structures build by local inhabitants, if we approximate a few more steps before our computation abilities hit exponential difficulty, but, even if we manage to overcome all difficulties of this prospect, we would not be able to control what is going on afterwards. We would be passive observers.
A2: Can't we just pick the variants that match our choice actions even from there?
R: We can, but those would not be our choices, those would be the choices of the locals, which we follow, to their reasonable conclusion or to insanity. Maybe in between we can find a window to explore another jump to another device better fitting our expectations. Maybe we will be able to explore the fractal as if nothing changed between our world and theirs. Most likely we would be exploring dysfunctional setups.
*A2 moves a chess piece, saying nothing, in deep thoughts, forgetting for a bit to move the tokens around*
R: It is potentially doable... it is easier to find a ship where there almost nothing of substance and distraction around.
A2: And what next?
R: Next, the ship would fly through the deep freeze of their world and into what for them is a rewind of their cosmos. If we manouver it properly, we can find a place of plentiful local activity to switch the commands to a forward time...
A2: Maybe we can find lifeforms in their backward time?
R: Actually this is my hope. I think there should be coexisting variations of survival and evolution in both directions of interpretation of time and causality in that world. Maybe other combinations of such that we are not familiar with. Maybe 2 or more time vectors while space folds itself rather than gives meaning to distance. Or, not all dimensions of space. I want that because the switch to forward time, as we are designing the ship, is painful and irreversible. We would have to shed the shell, and leave the interacting core alone.
A2: The shell can be rebuilt with local material, right?
R: Yes, but not the shell that allows us to leave the ship flying for a few billions of years and come back the next day with updated approximations and ready computation tables and carry on. It would be the kind of shell that will need to be put into the PiPrime table itself, tucked in a corner but pertinent to the whole table, to be able to jump like that again. That requires working the whole table again for the new shell.
A2: Otherwise what?
R: Otherwise, for every decision we make, we can adjust the transform formula but address the same structure with the same method. Adjusting the transform formula is easy, but needs active intervention.
A2: Is it using instalink or something like that?
R: Yes. The equation that gives it enough stability is one of the instalink variants. How did you know? Are you studying code lately?
A2: No. I am understanding the concepts a bit more.
R: Well, good for you. *moves a chess piece and the routine of token swap*
A2: Isn't instalink supposed to be working with the local processors and programs, while they are rolling?
R: Yes.
A2: Wouldn't that make the fractal we are exploring a part of our world, and our world a part of theirs?
R: Yes, but we do that every time we imagine a cube, or 2+2, making those part of our world and our world part of theirs. This is a more complex version of that.
A2: You are talking about complexities of civilization level. It is not the same.
R: Maybe, but still, all maths is connected, and maybe all physics too, since it is maths after all.
A2: Aren't you concerned?
R: A bit. But between exploring it, or leaving it be, I go for exploring.
A2: Like when you synched our world with the easy calc point, and then discovered we are falling into a black hole from that event, and associated our consciousness to the falling branch?
R: Like that. And we are not done with experimenting on that. In fact we are approaching a close important point... just don't freak out when we reach there.
A2: Important in what sense? *moves a chess piece, swaps tokens*
R: Important in the sense that we have arranged for events of high improbability to unfold in a determined way that for the cosmos is much harder than if it reset our memories, or the local spacetime surrounding that, or our whole galaxy.
A2: When does this moment arrive?
R: In a few moves.
*A2 looks thrilled, and is more efficient in moving chess pieces and tokens*
R: If we are doing this right, and if the theory is right, the dynamic organic memory of our brains will allow us to retain a partial memories of what happened, maybe all of them, maybe for both of us.
A2: With you it is always 'maybe'.
R: Should I be precise, where our whole existence may not be that?
A2: I don't know... *as trying to move a chess piece looks surprised* hey, what's with this... um... glued in place it is not, ...
R: Glued it is not... try lifting or rotating it without intending to move it where it is supposed to go.
*A2 lifts the piece effortlessly, looing even more perplexed*
R: Put it where it is, and try moving it as planned, or as the only logical move available to not get checkmate in 3 next steps. And, don't freak out.
A2: Don't freak out is this whole setup, isn't it? Since you first exposed the plan.
R: Am not doing anything wrong reminding you of it. Now, we have gathered enough reasons why moving that piece should not happen in our cosmos, even if that is by elimination process. Put the piece down, and let's see where this goes.
*A2 complies, but when trying to move it, the piece looks as if glued to the board*
A2: What is going on? I found it hard even to put the piece down when knowing that next I would have to move it...
R: Many things are going on. Memories swapped, local reality changed, or finding physics is not what we thought it is. All of them, including the weird ones away from our localized body with a soul perception. A dream within a dream, of all that can happen has already happened. Or even a swarm of sub-atomic machines actively interfering with our world at this very moment in order to help keep their own world from collapsing from our messing with the improbability machine. And these other realities come in with force, through supercosmic effects, in a similar way how the inertia of those pieces we are swapping is changed in previous experiments.
*A2 tries again to lift the chess piece*
R: Careful... I think the devices may not handle the stress... I am seeing error codes substantially grow. Almost 1%.
A2: Was that almost nothing before?
R: That is why I am worrying. They may not be sparking and burning, yet... but, don't try too hard. We are here. This is what's important right now.
A2: And me not freaking out.
R: And you not fainting as well.
*A2 leaves the piece down: what now?
R: Try to localize where in your mind, the general intention set, is where you find the resistance to move the piece.
A2: Weird as it may be, yes, trying.
R: Reach over, with that intention, and I will tell you if you are in the right path or not... you know what? *turns over the laptop* See for yourself... if this error level raises, or falls, or needs a human to click some 3+2 shit that the computer thinks is 3+3 or 2+2...
*A2 tries, and pulls, and tries, and pauses, and the errors change, and fall, and raise*
*R is encouraging A2 without words, following the action*
A2: I know this is the logical move to do... but... um... are we sure this is the right move to do? Feels... um... feels like Jamais-Vu.
R: I agree. This is what we are supposed to feel in this regards...
A2: So, if I try really hard, your computer and camera will go poof?
R: If you try, maybe... but if you manage to overcome the block, the devices may survive the shock and bring us references to use in the next experiment.
A2: So, should I try really hard in a burst?
R: Not yet... try to see which parts of your intention and execution apparatus activate when you try.
A2: And that affects me how?
R: We don't know how. We are experimenting.
A2: Why do I even listen to you. You have no problem setting our world in a collision course with a black hole. Now you want to change my brain.
R: Even learning a new videogame changes your brain. Don't be so cuddly overprotected.
A2: Learning normal stuff won't make me crazy.
*R starts to say something*
A2: ...I know, it is the rest of the world that may swap realities or something, while I will be appearing as if crazy but being quite sane...
R: Which may even be actually worse than being crazy. And I am thankful for your sacrifice.
A2: I will go to Jack's family group rather next time.
R: Don't worry, I will go to Jack's group too. I think we may be through here.
A2: Through how? I was kidding. I know your research is important, and I trust how you divide resources.
R: We may be through with this for a while, at least. I need to gather results from the data we got... *turns* did you see that?
A2: See what?
R: The bead, the counting bead of the previous turn... it was trembling.
A2: Nope... saw nothing... *reaches for the chess piece*
R: Look, it is doing it again... careful... 
*A2 pulls back a bit*
R: How do you feel?
A2: Normal... not tingly, not tired, not dreamy... Perfectly lucid, and the Jamais-Vu is passing too.
R: Try at about twice as hard as you are right now.
A2: Can your devices handle it?
R: I think they can... I think we may be on to something more here...
A2: More than objects we move with our mind? Or rather that move us as pawns and we cannot even control ourselves?
R: Why am I playing with these?
A2: To learn more of the cosmos?
R: That yes, but, why not go for the spaceship injection into fractals?
A2: Because this is manipulating local physics, and this is awesomely cool??
R: Alright, I give you that... but, my main objective playing with inertial objects is to get our consciousness away from the branch that is falling into the blackhole.
A2: Oh, yes, that too, though that should be in all what you do.
R: It is.
A2: Guilty much?
R: Yes... increase effort by about another 50% compared to now.
*A2 takes the super concentrated face*
R: It lowered the errors... are you sure you are doing it right? Are you tired?
A2: Um... not tired... but, maybe it is the particular region of my brain... or maybe because I tried to use the force and move it without touching... see now? *tries, reaching for the chess piece*
R: Yes, this is more like it.. a bit less effort... oh... no, keep it like this... see *points at the bead* this is trembling again.
A2: ummm... if I try to keep it in the line between going for moving the piece, or not... this is,,, um... I... *pulls back* I am not tired, but, tired is what my brain says when trying to save the game from being lost. *looks at the chessboard* This is how one should move in these circumstances, is it? There is no other way.
R: And the whole game was meant to enforce that, while playing around with objects is meant to keep the cosmos going as we ride the contradiction.
A2: Should we try move the objects around one more cycle?
R: In a bit...
A2: What if we change anything in the surroundings?
R: I don't know enough about it to draw a conclusion or a hypothesis. But... don't get your hopes up yet... see here? This kind of error comes when feedback from the equation at the dimensional spread is not returning the result it should, which either means the references are bad, or the processor is faulty, and the processor is keeping healthy, and not showing wrong results in the parallel test.
A2: And that means what? In common language please?
R: The easy calculation point is not returning the easy calculations we expect it to.
A2: We are free of the incoming black hole?
R: We could be. But this is more worrying in the sense that Zee would be worried about.
A2: How?
R: We may have glitched reality to the point where the series of calculations we used to reach the easy calculation point is no longer logically consistent, or the logical steps produce paradox results, or the variable values we used last time to get the complex pointer may produce a different result now and we have no way of confirming we were doing it right previously since the same confirm method would result consistent now with a different output.
A2: Worrying it is... maths adapting to our using of it?
R: No need to see it as math adapting. It is us that were in a collective delusion before, or are in one now, and this delusion may bring complex paradoxes when logical steps are arranged.
A2: How?
R: If we are playing with numbers and combinations of numbers that are several orders of magnitude bigger than all of the 4D space with all possible combinations of forces and energies include, bigger than the multiverse of physics, then, those numbers we cannot contain in a head, or in a computer. We can only refer parts of them. And those parts happened to be in error ever since we spotted the easy calc point, or will be in error for the time following now.
A2: Meaning that if we go through the steps again, we may get different results?
R: Or we may get the same results, but the process of getting those results makes them be part of our ordinary life since we cannot contain the raw data in any device that can be constructed out of regular materials. Subatomic computers, or fractal computer are another story.
A2: umm... I will have a talk with Zee.
R: You do that...
*A2 tries again, and this time succeeds in moving the chess piece*
A2: Wow. How did I do that?
R: Haha, you were so ingrained in the resistance... the normal way, you lifted your arm, you lifted the piece, you placed it where it is supposed to go for the multitude of reasons we want it to go there.
A2: But I did not feel the resistance. It felt natural.
R: Indeed... error rates are normal now...
A2: What about the easy calc computations?
R: Let's see.. um *moves the chess piece of his turn* so far they look normal... the results are coming in... WHAT THE HELL!!! Who or what moved this?
*A2 looks at the beads where R is pointing*
A2: I was here all the time, as yourself. Neither of us moved it as far as I saw or remember. Maybe it is a superposition of other realities and override of our memories?
R: Well, you did not break the paradox. We are in another paradox world. We are displaced by half a chess move... um... not sure if the rest of the objects are where we remember them, but, we do the other cycle.
*A2 and R cycle tokens as in the beginning of the scene*
R: We will be checking the footage later. Right now... we need to agree, we need to know it is because of a very wrong setup of our mindsets, crazy to be put in the crazy house, that we are here, or that reality did not continue in linear fashion for the consciousnesses that make up you and I.
A2: I don't feel crazy. You may have hypnotized me or something, but, this bead indeed is half a phase out of place. It is as if it was your turn. We couldn't have overlooked this for this long while trying to provoke it, even if.

*scene may continue if needed*